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International encyclopedia conference 2024


Our mission

The European Encyclopedia Network (EEN) was established in 2022 in Zagreb at the European and North American Encyclopedia Conference.

The mission of the EEN is to enable its members to share experiences about the current state and functioning model of encyclopedias, to identify possible areas of improvement and collaboration and to contribute to the role of encyclopedias in providing access to reliable, verified and findable information of general interest as well as to their role in the preservation of national and cultural identity, especially in regards to a constantly growing amount of information from various, often unreliable sources, and to seek financial and technical sustainability of projects.

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An Open Letter

An open letter to Margrethe Vestager, the Executive Vice-President for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age of the European Commission.
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February 20 2024


October 6 2022

European and North American Encyclopedia Conference

Organised by the Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography and presided by the Institute's director general, Bruno Kragić, the second European and North American Encyclopedia Conference was held from 6 to 8 October 2022, bringing together editors and publishers from around ten countries.