Nacionālās enciklopēdijas

National Encyclopedia (Nacionālā enciklopēdija) is the national universal encyclopedia of Latvia. 

It was founded as a project in 2014, and the site was made public in 2018. The National Encyclopedia is an autonomous part of the National Library of Latvia and is funded entirely by the Ministry of Culture. The encyclopedia staff consists of seven editors, with auxiliary functions performed part-time by a few library employees. Content is created by experts, the majority of whom are scientists from various universities. Although new by European encyclopedic standards and having a relatively small amount of content (all articles are new and written specifically for the internet encyclopedia), the National Encyclopedia is a major player in the dissemination of academically created trustworthy information in the Latvian language. The content of the encyclopedia is growing day by day. Due to a slightly different approach, articles are generally longer than in any other European encyclopedia, and significant attention is paid to the structure of the texts. In 2023, the Encyclopedia had around one million unique users and around three million pageviews.